Cheese – where nature is processed into a delicacy

On the Kaserillalm Thomas processes our own milk into yoghurt and various types of cheese, which are also offered for sale!

All types of cheese reflect the savoury and authentic taste of South Tyrol.
Try the various types of cheese made of raw cow's milk, such as cream cheese, soft cheese, hard cheese and alpine cheese from our show dairy. Production is according to old recipes handed down from generation to generation, combined with new knowhow and standards of hygiene. Thomas learned the art of making cheese as part of his training to be a cheesemaker at the Südtiroler Landwirtschaftsschule.

Our cheese sorts:

  • Cream cheese (herbs, chive, nuts, peperoni)
  • Soft cheese (pepper, caraway seed, peperoncino, herbs)
  • Hard cheese
  • Kaseriller alpine cheese